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General Care

All owners of antiques should be aware that, without appropriate care and attention, your prized possessions may be put at risk of damage and deterioration that will invariably cause a depreciation in value. Here are some advices on your proper care and preservation:  


To reduce their exposure to direct sunlight or bright daylight which can cause damage to them.     

Humidity & Temperature

To provide an environment with constant relative humidity of 50-60% and a temperature of 18°C. (In Asia, dehumidifiers may be installed to combat excessive humidity during spring and summer time.)


To minimize the effects of air pollution, vulnerable objects in the home should not be placed near windows, where pollution is usually highest. Small, delicate objects can be kept in glass or Plexiglas (acrylic) cases, and a garden statuary that is evidently suffering can be brought indoors.

Insect, Vermin & Mold Damage

To prevent mold growth, keep the environment at 50-60% relative humidity. To eliminate insects and mold spores in or on the antique, fumigation is one of the method.

Photography and documentation

Documenting antiques is the utmost importance, firstly for security reasons and secondly to monitor their condition accurately and record any conservation, restoration or other treatment those antiques may have undergone in the past.

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